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If you are looking for a registered psychotherapist in the Niagara Region (Ontario), who uses diverse art forms to help you work through your challenges, I look forward to meet you.

I am a registered psychotherapist (CRPO) in St Catharines and have been working in the field for over 15 years. I offer individual expressive arts therapy and therapeutic group workshops for children, youths, and adults. I was trained at the School for Exploration and Development of Art in the Healing and Social Fields (Arscura) in Richmond Hill, the CREATE Institute in Toronto, and the European Graduate School in Saas Fe, Switzerland.

I work with people with and without mental health diagnosis. Many of my clients suffer from early childhood trauma or inter-generational trauma. Problems include emotional difficulties with anger, shame, and depression. Others struggle with anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, overall stress and burnout. Some have learning difficulties such as ADD (ADHD), others have a social skill dilemma, because what they learned in early childhood does not match the skills they need in later life. Whatever involves strong feelings can be most accurately expressed in the arts.

In my studio you will find
No previous art experience is needed, just your curiosity and a longing to overcome challenges, however small or big they might be. Please contact me for a free preliminary meeting. To find out more about the forms of therapy I offer please click here.

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